Beautiful, more or less official spot: on Lake Neuchâtel between Yverdon and Yvonand, stop at or a few hundred metres before the VD Camping site, and walk back towards Yverdon. The textile-free area is on and about the very last, longest dike of all. Beware, though, don’t go too far, for a few hundred metres further south-west, the area is occupied by naturists of a “unsafer” kind (ie open sexual activity does occur). A gay naturist area stretches further on. (Usual giveaway for the direct path from the roadare the cars parked along the it.) Another nice, if unauthorised spot, is on the north-east edge of Yvonand. Turn left just past the petrol station, drive to the tennis courts, leave the car there, cross the railway track, the path opens just opposite (if too muddy, there’s an alternative path 100 meters further north-east). Nice big patch of sand and reed, shallow water; if “textile” on that day, walk a bit further south-west along the shore, into the reeds, or further north-east form the main beach. [06/2000]

zwischen Estavayer-le-Lac und Yverdon-les-Bains. am neuenburgersee. ortseingang Yvonand bei der Agrola tankstelle zum tennisplatz, dort parkieren. zu fuss über das bahngeleise. dann ca.150m richtung Estavayer. dort in den wald abbiegen und zum see laufen. ein wunderbarer strand bietet sich dort an.[02/2008]