The nude beach in Latvia is located near a city called Pabazi (close to Saulkrasti). The beach is called Inchupe which runs near the river Inchupe. The beach is divided into 3 sections. The one when you reach from the train station after some walking is the clothing optional. If you go more farther from Pabazi, you will end up in the nude beach. How to get to Inchupe: Take from Riga a train bound to Saulkrasti. The ticket is about 0.52 Lats (approx. 1 US dollar). If you are planning to go there for only one day the best thing to do is buy a return ticket from Riga Train Station. Get off at the station Inchupe and then walk to the railway station. There is a small path going behind the station. Follow it till you get to the highway (approx. 500 meters). Now on the highway start walking towards the left and there will be a gas station. Behind the gas station there is another path going to the beach. Don’t worry if you think you’ll get lost because there are people on these paths a lot of the time (just ask them, they will tell you how to get to the beach). Once you go the beach walk towards the left. You’ll see the clothing optional beach and if you walk about 200-300 meters, you’ll see the nude beach.