Athen: Legrena

Take the road from Athensto Sounion. Just past km 63 you will see a right turn with some sign labeled #922; #902; #928; #917; Follow the road for 0.5 km. The road ends a bar with steps going down to a textile beach. At the far end of the bach (to the right as you face the sea) you will see a path leading over some rocks. On the other side of the rocks there is a small perfect pebbly beach. On a large rock someone has painted a big sign saying FKK and nude in Greek (Gymnos). There was one woman in a bathing suit being teased by her friends for clinging to her outmoded behavior. Everyone else was nude. Some people slathered themselves with mud from the shore, kept it on for a while, and washed it off in the water. The water was clear, there were no urchins, the view wonderful. I suspect that it would be very crowded on a weekend