New South Wales: Samurai Beach

Samurai Beach is a more than one kilometre long, legal naturist beach that is also popular with the surfing fraternity. The beach backs onto Bardots Nude Village Resort. No facilities, everything must be carried in. It is essential that people take what ever they want to drink with them. There is no protection from the sun on the beach. Access by a three hour drive from Sydney. The most accessible track to the beach runs alongside Bardots Nude Village Resort. The track is sandy and can only be used by four wheel drive vehicles. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from Gan Gan Road, Anna Bay to walk to the beach. Visitors to Bardots can access the beach from within the resort by walking to the back gate and joining the track over the dunes to the beach. On November 15th, 1998, the second Samurai Beach Carnival was held at this beautiful beach.